Thursday, 26 February 2009

A Diva for the Kitten

On Zuzu's forum this month Debbie AKA Kraftykitten is the Diva and as she had a thing for Twilight I thought I would do her a bag charm. (I have been corrected she still has and will until she dies, and then will go and live with Edward in vampire land LOL)

Its just a Tim Holtz swivel clasp with a bottle cap charm and a metal tag that I made from a bit of biscuit tin and some printed wording, the cap and tag are sealed with embossing powder to help them live longer. Then finished off with a few beads and bits and pieces. Now it has been received I thought I would blog it.


Debbie said...


I love it so much! HAD a thing - I am still obsessed with Twilight. so you should have said "has" LOL - I was re-reading one of the books today going to and from London.

It is so personal and perfect and I absolutely love it. You have truly made my day - but ne warned... when I see you next month you will be getting a big huge hug! - thank you xx

Moira said...

OMG it is so perfect for her no wonder she loves it, it is uber cool

Anonymous said...

wow lucky old KK....a perfect gift - nice one Ginger.

Debbie said...

Paula - who are you calling old LOL
lurve ya xx

LazyKay said...

Oh, a portable collage.

Great work.


Nes said...

I'm gonna copy-ish this for Rachel she'd love it if it turns out anything like your's. Fab piece