Sunday, 21 June 2009

Not at all craft related

Andy and I grew this monster on our allotment this year and as we are rather proud of it I wanted to show it off. It weighed 64.5 lbs and we are still deciding what to do with it. I rather think it will become wine,soup and muffins, but who knows really. The butternuts did well this year too. I think they were vying for supremacy with the pumpkin LOL.


Anonymous said...

wow youll be eating soup and muffins until the end of next year lol No wonder you wanted to show this beauty off!

Lottie said...

Well done - I have lots too. I roast quite a few with all sorts of things and freeze them. You can dry slices, and make all the usual jams, and chutney etc

LazyKay said...

Blimey, you're right - it IS ginormous! Look forward to hearing how the wine comes out!