Sunday, 10 October 2010

Happydaze Design team project - Box Canvas

This was in Craft stamper this month.
Its a little box frame, gessoed and inked with a small flat canvas inserted into the recess.
The rubber stamps used were the Serenity Plate from Artistic Outpost which are available from Happydaze, the other items coins and grungeboard are also available on the site. The little Dragonfly is made from UTEE and I really like him.(I just know its a boy ok lol)


Zuzu's Blog said...

LOL.. you tell them Carol. Its not fair to designers / artists, that they go to a lot of bother to make a beautiful item with depth and detail... and then they take a shit photo... taken.. I hasten to add... by professional photographers..

Phooey!!! as we all know we can take better photos with a budget priced Digital camera on Auto focus...

its also not fair for the retailer if the designer is representing a retailer. I think people should start to complain.

SO I say HERE HERE!!!... its good to see it as it should look.
I think ALL dragonflies are boys are they not LOL>. although for the continuation of the species .. maybe not !

Gillian said...

Lol you two ... I'm saying nothing about my camera skills rofl!
Love the size of the outer box frame, the colours are very apt with the serenity theme, great work as always Carol x