Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Slide:Alter it Monthly

For Alter It monthly this month is a winter or Christmas theme as it's winter here in the UK, but rather than insist on a winter or Christmas theme we are giving you the choice of 2 ways to go with the theme "Slide"...
It could be snow and ice, winter, Christmas.. or
it could be a slide-mailer on any theme.. It could even be a winter slide-mailer if you like...
you choose. As always it is your interpretation we are looking forward to seeing.
Crafty Individuals has handed in A lovely selection of rubber stamps and miniature themed Paper albums for us to post to this months lucky winner. The winner will be the piece that Crafty individuals choose as their favourite.

I have actually not made a slide mailer. But its a glass slide that goes into the slide mailer, simple reason is I couldn't find my actual slide mailers. I suspect they are under the pile of stuff that has temporarily gone to live in the loft room but as it like Siberia up there at the moment I am not going to hunt them out.
My example had been alcohol inked on one side and them embossed on the other with silver snow flakes. Then UTEED around the 4 edges before some filigree corners were bent into position on the top and bottom. A chain has been added for hanging and the chain at the bottom holds a silver snowflake.
This is now listed for sale in my Folksy Shop


Minxy said...

Oh it looks stunning, i have had these glass things for yonks and i've not altered one yet either, so hope to play along this month.

Cheryl said...

it is amazing I also have these mailer and have not used them as of yet you have given me food for thought x