Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Amazing shop I found today

As you have probably noticed I use a lot of watch parts in the things I make. Well I was starting to get low on them again. So I searched out a shop some one told me about at a craft fair I attended before Christmas.

Well it was like an Aladdin's cave. It is owned by a lovely man who is the person in charge of all the clocks in Westminster, Downing street and the the Official offices, he has to go and wind the clocks at No 10 and parliament every Wednesday and he has asked me if I would like to go with him one week. But apart from all that the amount of stuff in his workshop was amazing. We were chatting to him for ages while he let me dig around in his workshop. I left with an amazing box of bits and pieces and he is going to find me more things when he sorts out a bit.

I also found a gallery that sells hand made jewellery. I have been asked to take some of mine in for them to look at. So fingers crossed that they like it.


Paper Paradise said...

What a fantastic time you must have had. It always amazes me how kind and friendly some people are. It would be a lovely place if everyone was like it! Let us know if you ever go to 'no 10' !!!!! Sue x

Anonymous said...

good luck with the gallery!

Bedecked Beads said...

It is great finding a treasure trove. I hope the gallery take some of your things (they should)! Good luck with it

Minxy said...

All sounds very promising, so glad things are going so well for you x