Sunday, 22 May 2011

It Killed my Mojo

I took on a commission that I started to have doubts about. when I quoted the price the the style was one thing but during the course of time the vendor slowly changed it until it was not my type of thing at all. It was a memory box and it was supposed to be vintage but it then changed to the colour of the & cream (yikes)and not at all vintage.
It was actually quicker to do than the original plan was so price wise I was very happy, but I hated doing it and my mojo died a sad death. But its finished now and received, and they are ecstatically happy with it, and I am £50 better off so I can feel my mojo returning lol.
I have a pile of things half done on my desk some I can show, some I can't, but I anticipate normal service returning to this blog soon LOL.
I also have a lovely sneak peek to put up soon that I am very excited about, so in anticipation of the normal service, I had better get off this computer and on with the stuff.


Dawn said...

Hi Ginger! it would of been nice to see a photo even if it wasn't your fave theme ;0) Glad your mojo is on it's way back look forward to some more posts ;0)

Love Dawn xx

Moira said...

Oooh commissions eh, get you! And we want a piccy!

Ginger said...

when the wedding date has passed I will put up a photo. Just in case it is seen. The bride likes my Alice boxes on folksy and I would hate for her to wander onto my blog and see a photo of it.

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

can we see the comission or is it so hideous you can't share it LOL :D

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Doh!!! just seen your previuos reply LOL :D