Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Angel Of Death

Before we start I apologise for the photo's. This was very hard to photograph
Once upon a time there was a little doll who lived in a 2nd hand shop with 4 of her sisters in a bag. One day a lady came along and saw them for 50p, so she brought them and took them home. What they did not know was that the lady was slightly warped and would turn them into strange things and their lives would never be the same again.
My Altered doll for the current Happy Daze challenge on Facebook. The face is made out of UTEE from a mold I made from a skull I have. The doll was wrapped and spritzed and painted and inked and eventually turned into this. It's hanging in my window and my daughter cannot look at it.

It carries a small bottle containing the souls of children and a skull made of their bones.
It has pentagram protection charms on its feet.
So beware children eat your greens or it will come for you.


ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Crikey I'm a bit scared too LOL :D I might get Katie to send me the other dollies to save them LOL :D

Niced work though, but please don't send it to me!!!
J xx

Val said...

Wow - I love this - great piece of work - and I love your script as well.

Lottie said...

Absolutely BRILLIANT - I just love your sense of humour

Moira said...

I just love this, it is superb