Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Nothing, Zilch and not a thing being made on my desk today. I am totally in-between projects. I am in the early planning stages of a couple of mag articals for an online Ezine and Craft Stamper, but that's it. I had been using it for packaging as I have had a clear out on ebay and my little folksy shop has done well the last few days and for packing I need it tidy, as once when it was a but messy I inadvertently posting an inkpad to someone by mistake, and they very kindly sent it back to me lol.
I did get round lots of blogs last week for a nosey, but I think it was my turn to feel the lack of love from blogger as I had problems with my posting on them, it kept telling me to log in and when I did and went to post I was redirected to the log in page again...very frustrating. So if it loves me this week I will post, if not I will just have to stalk your desks again.
To see the list of WOYWW bloggers have a look on Julie's Blog 


Miriam said...

Your desk looks so tidy!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Carol (Ginger) -- happy WOYWW. I just wanted to mention that your link over at Stamping Ground this week still points to last week's post. I can *totally* see myself accidentally mailing something "extra" to someone -- lol. Take care, Laura #124