Saturday, 2 March 2013

Inspiration Alert: Thank you Lottie

Hi, I know I blogged this only yesterday, but I wanted to blog it again to be able to give full credit to the item made by Lottie that inspired me for my apron. I did not want to do this yesterday as the post was all about the new stamp release for Stampotique, and I thought another link in the already very linky post would just be one to many and it may have got lots in all that linkyness. (try saying that after a drink or two lol)

Anyway, Lottie did an apron last year and I brought my blank one after seeing her's. I brought it to do with Stampotique stamps to wear for a particular event that I cannot share with you yet, but all will be revealed very soon about that.
To see Lottie's inspirational apron do please check out her blog post here.

Here is a link for the Aprons, where I got mine from is now showing as out of stock. But I have brought from this site a lot in the past and they have always been very good and they sell some great stuff. Crafty Computer Paper.

Thank you for visiting today,Carol x

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Dawn said...

I am loving hoses at the moment and you have coloured these is beautifully hope you have fun at the event this is for. I looked at lottie's post as well. can't see a link for the aprons though? maybe i missed it will look again nice idea Dxx