Friday, 8 November 2013

ThermoMorph - my new best friend

I was recently sent some ThermoMorph to have a play with and if I liked the product to do a review on it.

This was a new product to me and for anyone who has not heard of it, here are the details of it. At the end of this post are some further details of where to purchase it and full product details.

Product Name: Thermomorph
Price: £19.95 (on sale at the moment for
Size: 500 grams
Material: Polymorph granules

I love making my own embellishments, it always gives your item the one off look that you never get if you just put mass produced items onto it, so I thought I would try ThermoMorph with some home made moulds, that I have previously had problems getting anything to give me a good image from, this is mainly because I have made them very shallow as I did not want big deep chunky moulds, but unfortunately I found that the clay I usually use was not strong enough to hold its shape when removed and UTTE when used in them was to fragile, so I thought I thought I would try them with the ThermoMorph and it would be a real test as to its usability for me personally.

I dropped a teaspoon into a jug of boiled water as per the instructions and sat there watching it melt, which in itself I found quite interesting as it goes clear and at one point really reminded me of frog spawn lol.

It is a bit gloopy to use when properly melted and I did think I might have problems, but I was wrong it was very easy to handle and use. I pressed it into my moulds thinking I would have very little working time before it started to harden, but again I was wrong, it stays workable for long enough to get it in position, work into all the little bits of the mould and to flatten the back, all working at a nice reasonable pace and not having to rush.

When it was cold I popped it from the mould and I was very pleased with the result, it did have one or two little rough edges, but I dipped the shaped very quickly back into the water and this softened it up enough to smooth it all down nicely, and I must say I am very pleased with the result, they are strong (I dropped one and it did not break) and they look like something you would buy in packets to colour yourself.

I have painted them with acrylic paint and then used treasure gold to highlight them to show the texture. Below is a before and after of the same item, these are made from a mould I made using an odd button that was in a box of bits and pieces I brought at auction. I have used bright contrasting colours on the one below so you can see the detail you get in your moulds with the ThermoMorph.

To find about more about the product and where to buy it please use the links below.

Link to Thermomorph Amazon page: polymorph

Link to Thermomorph Amazon page:

Link to

I like this product and if my massive tub ever runs out it is something I would buy again. I will be sharing some more makes using the Thermomorph and in-incorporating the made items into larger projects. So if you found this interesting, follow my blog to keep up todate with what I share.

Thank you for your visit today, Carol x


Zoe Sanderson said...

Good old Friendly plastic! great to see this bead version getting a bit of main stream publicity. XOXO Zoe

Reflective Art Studio said...

What...!!! that is so cool.
Thanks for sharing.

Nan G said...

This looks like fab stuff. I see Nail at NeelzExpressionz has been playing with this too. So good reviews all around. Look forward to seeing what else you make.

Nan G said...

Aaggghh that should be Neil ..can't type tonight.

Coco said...

Thank you very much Carol for sharing your experience with this new product (or a product I don't know at least, maybe not new..!). I appreciate much as like you, I really love making my own embellishments ! By the way, yours are always fabulous.. :) Crafty hugs, Coco x