Wednesday, 21 November 2007

An Altered Tin

I made this for Zuzu for her birthday. Its a Marks and Spencer mint tin. I got a few 10 second studio bits recently with the thought of using them for tin lids and the like. This is my first attempt as lazyKay will know I have struggled with the 10 second stuff and she has been very helpful with hints and tips.

I embossed a cover for the lid and then attached it and then inked it with alcohol inks. It is designed to be a match tin as matches just fit into it nicely and I know Z loves her open fire.
Again as you can see my photographic skills are 2nd to none LOL


Zuzu's Blog said...

this is gorgeous , and its mine.. and again its much yummier in the flesh.. its so tricky taking pics of shiny things! its a shame people cant see how good it really looks .
I can though .. every day :-)

anne said...

Its looks very good to me.

LazyKay said...

Wow, that's a really special piece. Well done good to have something you can use as well.