Tuesday, 27 November 2007

In The Pink

My first ever arch for a swap run by Carol on Zuzu'z forum. Not totally sure about this, thought it looked to empty so kept adding to it and it still looks as if its lacking to me - answers on a postcard please :-)


anne said...

Nice one Carol. Love the shape of this arch

Mandy C said...

love the shape of your arch. really like this muchly i would love to have it in my collection. fabbo

LazyKay said...

Yes, I have to say it IS total(ly) great! Did you say this is your first? Could have fooled me.


lottie said...

Blown away but all your gorgeous work you have posted up

And I use my domino every day as a car key ring - and show it off to everybody - you should take orders!

Thank you again - your work is so original.

Sharon said...

Hi Carol

Really loving your work! Your blog is so inspirational. :)

anne said...

This is lovley, lovely,lovely.Can you tell I like it?????