Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Watchmakers Tin

I was given a set of these by Cath at Katyscorner, So I arranged a swap with them on Zuzu's Forum. I had never done one before and I must admit I found it harder than I originally thought it would be. I used alcohol inks on the outside, an image in the bottom and then various bits and pieces I had laying around. I used a rub on on the glass lid to try and give it some depth.

I think these are something I need to work on.

It is an exceptionally bad photo of it as it is extremely blurry (my photo skills are practically zero).


Zuzu's Blog said...

I gave up trying to take apiccy of mine .. too many levels it has to be focused on.. but I can tel it is still a god job you did..
I agree it was harder than you would imagine doing something original with these little tins !

well done :-)

Zuzu's Blog said...

ermmm sorry about the extreme typing errors lol..
its a good job you did not a god job.. although maybe it was both who knows (giggle)

LazyKay said...

Looks lovely - I'd love to be able to hold it and look at it properly.


Carol said...

Looks lovely Ginger, lucky recipiant. I enjoyed working on the size, although I agree with both you and Zuzu that the photographing of it was a test of abilities!! lolxx you two should have copied me and took the lid off!! lolxx