Sunday, 9 January 2011

Playing with Resin

I recently received my order of resin so I have had a play with it in a few different ways. The 2 pocket watches were done in quite different ways. The one with the bird was filled in layers starting from the back, the other one has glass in it and I placed it on its front and filled it starting with a layer to cover the glass and then also filled in layers to create a floating effect with the items in it.
The mould is from crafty individuals and I filled it adding beads as I went and when set I added gold wax to the front to give it an aged affect. The domino had an indentation on the back of it and I added watch parts to it and the dragonfly and then filled it with resin sealing the parts and dragonfly in place.
The jewellery pieces will be listed in my folksy shop.


ScrappyDandyDoo said...

they look amazing!!

well done :D
Julie xx

Hels Sheridan said...

Oooh these are gorgeous hun... love love love them all :O))

Minxy said...

Fantastic pieces G, love the heart :D

Lottie said...

Brilliant - I have always wanted to try resin - but shied away from it as I thought it complicated. I have seen the two part mixes. How did you find it? Easy or tricky?

Ginger said...

I must admit Lottie I had avoided it as I was thinking it would be tricky and smelly. But I have found it remarkably easy after a bit of messing to get the mix right as I used a crystal clear resin as opposed to one of the "crafting" ones that you can mix in equal parts, simply because of the price. Its so much better for the jewellery I sell. I got the little medicine cups ordered by my chemist for mixing it up in.
If you fancy an afternoon out get Pat to drive you down and we could play.