Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sunday Postcard Art - Nature

I have been a very good girl this week and got all up to date, I have my magazine articles all posted, my DT pieces done. But apart from all this my very clever daughter has got a 1st in her Psychology  degree, so her place on her post-grad course is now secure. We are off to Thorpe Park tomorrow to celebrate and scream ourselves silly on the rides and come home totally knackered.
So with all being up to date and even ahead of myself for next month I have time to do a couple of challenges this week, this piece is for the nature theme on Sunday Postcard art this week. I have had this set stamp for a while, it was a gift and I have never used it, but when I saw the theme I thought it was perfect for it. The glossy accents over the words have reflected the flash a bit, but hey that's the way it goes sometimes.
Carol x


...the yorkshire fox... said...

...gorgeous background colours Carol, loVe all your inkiness & the butterfly is very pretty...Mel :)
Congratulation to your Daughter you must be very proud...Have fun at TP.

Mandy Chilvers said...

have a great time. Congrats again to Katie... she must be relieved to get a small break!

this is a brilliant postcard... thanks for joining in ... it's great to see you over here!

sam21ski said...

That's not Thorpe Park in Cleethorpes is it Carol, if so it's only about 6 miles from my house and half a mile from my work!!!

Have a fun day, hope the weather holds out for you xxx

Unknown said...

Please pass on my heartiest congratulations to Katie. What a result and a fitting reward for all the hard work that goes into getting a FIRST!!!

- Oh and the post card is fabulous too. LOL

Deborah said...

Good to see you on SPA. A lovely postcard!

Marijke said...

beautiful card, love the background

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your daughter's success and also to you for catching up on all of your work. I don't think I have ever been up to date on anything, lol.