Sunday, 15 July 2012

Tag Your It, For Unruly Paperarts

This month on the Unruly Paperarts blog it's about water techniques, and I wanted to share some watery backgrounds with you and I thought the best way to show them off was with tags. I have shown each background, explaining exactly how it was done. They are all pretty basic but they all do give a lovey base to show off your stamped images.

They are quick, easy and fun to do, because as much as I do like to do big projects, sometimes I just want to sit down and faff with inks and paper and make nothing in particular, and these are perfect for those moments. So I usually end up with a pile of these made ready for when I need them. I tend to stamp onto them and send them in place of birthday cards, as basically my cards do leave a lot to be desired, and these larger size tags are perfect for this.

For these tags I have used the same two colour inks.

Spray the two colours of ink onto your craft mat, or other non stick surface. Lay your tag onto the inky surface, try to lay it down flat and not to twist it so the colours blend into each other rather than mix. Carefully remove trying to keep it straight as you lift it, dry with a heat gun. Lay a stencil over the top of the inked tag and spritz with the water, blot dry with some kitchen roll and then dry with a heat gun.

Spray your colours as before, but this time when you lay your tag onto the colours swish your tag around a bit so the colours blend a bit more. Lay your wet tag onto a clean section of your craft mat and using a pipet drop water onto your tag in several places, blot with kitchen roll, repeat until you are happy with the marbling effect that the water gives on the inky tag. Dry with a heat gun.

Lay your tag on your craft mat, place your stencil over the tag and spritz generously with water. Remove the stencil and spray with your two colours of ink. Mop with kitchen roll and then dry with your heat gun.

I shall be incorporating some tags similar to these into my project next month, but as to what I shall actually be using them for you will have to check back next month and see..

Carol x


Lottie said...

Wow - thanks for sharing - I reckon even I can manage that - now off to look for large tags

Happy Daze is my first stop

Shar said...

Beautifully done! I really love all the great looks you created!