Thursday, 6 September 2012

Ten Seconds Studio: Verday painted mirror

I was extremely honoured and excited to land a guest designer spot for Ten Seconds Studio earlier in the year, well my allocated month has come around, can it really be September already !!!

I received a lovely package from them stuffed full of Verday paints, which if you follow my blog you will know they are exactly my type of thing, messy and grungy, they should be my middle names really.

For my 1st spot this month I have made the mirror in the top photo and I will now run through how I did it and how I used the Verday paints to achieve the finished look.

The Flowers are hand made and I have done a small photo tutorial for these in a separate post so if you want to see all the details of how I made these have a look at the post by following this LINK. I really feel I should bite the bullet and get the hang of a video tutorial as I am getting asked for these now, but being a bit untechie I feel very nervous about trying one incase its pants.

I started off with the supplies as shown in the above photo, pretty basic yeah.

These are the paints from the Verday range I used to achieve the effects on the project.

Cut a piece of card to cover the mirror, then apply a texture medium to the wooden mirror surround. I used Viva Decor Ferro, the colour is irrelevant just use what one you have as it will be covered up. I applied this through a stencil using a pallet knife, clean your stencil and knife straight away as the ferro is water proof and once dry your things will be ruined. Let this dry thoroughly. Your mirror will now look like the one above.

Now the fun starts!! I used the Copper as the base, first give the bottle a really good shake, all the yumminess that makes the patina work sinks to the bottom of the bottle when it stands so it is important to do this. Then using a nice soft brush, a wide one is best, give whole mirror a coat of the copper paint, put to one side and let this dry.

Once dry I applied the Brass and Bronze to the copper base using a sponge, now whilst it is WET give it a good spritz with the Patina solution. This now needs to be left for the magic to happen, I left mine over night to let the colours fully develop. If when its dry you want the colours a bit different just reapply the brass or bronze and respritz. This is now your mirror base finished.

The flowers I made using the same colours and you can see exactly who I did these by following this LINK.

The swirls and the book plate have been cut from grunge board and Verdayed in exactly the same way as the mirror. The dragonfly is a mass produced charm that I treated with the copper Verday as the base and then applied the Brass over the top. I had to lightly sand the charm first to get the base coat of paint to stick to it properly, but after that it was just a case as carrying on as usual.

I attached everything to the mirror with a strong glue and used a couple of brads on the book plate to cover the holes. If you do feel inspired by my mirror I would love to see what you make and if it's a mirror remember to clean your glass before you photograph it, as I should have done, I just realised how smeary mine looks.

The Ten Seconds Studio site where you can buy all their goodies can be found HERE

Thank you for looking at my make and I have 3 more project to share with you through the month, my next one will be on Monday. I hope to see you back then and any comments are appreciated.

If anyone is interested in purchasing any of my makes, there is a link to my Folksy shop in my sidebar.

Edited to add. I have been asked by few people who makes the Dragonfly quote I have used on this. It is From the Jo Capper-Sandon range and is made by Stampotique. The full range of their stamps can be seen on their site HERE and in the UK you can purchase them from Happy Daze.

Carol x


Rita said...

Carol, this is a dream come true. I bought the Verday Paints after seeing your Door Hanger post, but mine did not turn out like yours. So hopefully this time I will manage something to show you. Your mirror is first class and what a brilliant tutorial. Thank-You again. Hugs Rita xx

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is fabulous! Love the stencilling. Well done on your guest spot,

Lucy x

Lottie said...

Verday, verday beautiful - the texture is amazing

Deborah said...

Oh no! One more craft thing I simply have to have LOL Your mirror frame is stunning.

Kaz said...

This is fab Carol. I bought the Verday paints and my first go was a bit rubbish so I'm going to follow your tutorial and see what happens, thanks!!
Well done on the guest DT spot x

Alie said...

Lovely creation with the verday Carol...great stuff!

greetings, Alie :-)

butterfly said...

Sensational transformation - the textured flourishes underneath the paint effect are just fantastic. Found this on my way to trying to locate some Verday in the UK - so happy I bumped into this post!
Alison x