Saturday, 26 January 2013

Cupcake Bookmarks

I have a pile of cookery books and I always have to search through them to find the recipe I want, so I have decided to get organised and make myself some little bookmarks. They are scraps of left over handmade backgrounds, folded in half and held in place in the book with a  pair of little magnets that go either side of the page. The image is just stamped and coloured and stuck on the front.

These were extremely quick and fast to do and to be honest quite nice a relaxing after the high maintenance stuff I have been doing the last couple of weeks. But they look quite sweet in their simplicity.
I used the Alice Palace stamps from Crafty Individuals for these particular ones. I am now off to rifle through my stamps to look for other suitable images.
Thanks for looking, carol x


Evil Edna said...

ooh I like those, thanks for the great idea.EE

butterfly said...

Very cute - and brilliantly appropriate for cookery book markers!
Alison x

Lottie said...

What a briliant idea -they are gorgeous

Deborah said...

Fab idea, Carol - and so sweet (pun intended lol).

Sue said...

So cute, and perfect for cookery books xx