Sunday, 25 August 2013

Beside the Seaside with Crafty Individuals

I have a couple of quick makes using Crafty Individuals today. You may have seen these in Craft Stamper magazine a while ago, but I had never blogged them, and I have at last received them back so I have been able to photograph them to share on here now.

A little one layer postcard

A paperweight made using a shell collected from my local beach, filled with resin in layers so that shells and other small bits and pieces could be floated inbetween the layers as they dried.

I used the following stamps by Crafty Individuals

CI - 307, CI - 278 CI - 161

Carol Xx


Julie Bell said...

The paper weight is lovely what a great idea.

Nan G said...

Love the paper weight and the one layer postcard is so fab!