Sunday, 3 February 2019

A Postcard - Nursery Rhymes

I am hosting Sunday Postcard Art this week and I chose the theme  of Nursery Rhymes.
My postcard is a combination of collage, stamping and paint and I have chosen the Nursery Rhyme Lavender Blue.
I used only things I already had on my desk, the pile that had got shoved in the corner and left over from other projects. 
The only exception was the actual Rhyme itself that I bashed out on my old Typewriter from when I was at school that I found a while ago in my Dad's loft when I was clearing the house after he Died. I was very glad to find it as I remember the Christmas that it was a gift from my parents and it's nice to have that memory every time I use it.

You can enter the challenge HERE

Carol xx