Friday, 12 February 2016

Light Bulb Moment

I love the light bulb set "shine bright" from the latest release from Visible Image.

I have been doing paper mache' at school with the children and when I saw this set I thought of a hat, so I took my now expert (cough) paper mache' skills and made myself a little hat. 

Using DecoArt Modeling paste and paints to  give it the look I wanted.

I made a little stand for it so I could wrap wire around it and added stamped elements using the Fab Stamps from Visible Image.

I stamped my ribbon with Tyre Marks before wrapping it round my hat to make a Hat Band.

I then decided my hat needed a purpose, so the label attached to the key reads "turn for bright idea", so the idea is you put on the hat, turn the key and a bright idea pops into your head, hence my title of "light bulb moment"

I enjoyed making this project and if you have time this weekend Visible Image are on Create and Craft TV at 10am with lots of demos and the latest stamps will be available to buy.

Thanks for you visit and have a crafty weekend.

Carol xx


Debbie said...

inspirationally bonkers and I love it!

Beverly said...

You are such a clever girl Carol. xx

Kay Wallace said...

This is amazing art, Carol! A masterpiece, indeed! Love it! I know that is three exclamation marks, but this is so worth each of them! Oh, my...another.