Friday, 12 November 2010

Recycled Theme: Alice In Wonderland

This is a Design Team Piece for The Altered Element. I have had an Alice in Wonderland book on my craft supplies shelf for ages a Friend brought it for me for 50p as they know how much I like to use text on my work.
So I have altered a wooden box using the text for the background, the flowers and the images used are from the book having been cut out and coloured in a vintage fashion. The box was crackled with 2 layers of Eco Acrylic, then the text and pictured were added before some gold leafing was applied in a shabby chic fashion to the box.

The Flowers are made from grunge paper covered in text before cutting our, then colouring with Ranger Color wash,cosmic shimmer, stickles, then some Efco ice glitter added for extra sparkle.
The book plate is a Tim Holtz One that has been coloured with a slight rub of wax.
Items Used:
Efoc Arylic,Grunge paper, Ranger Color Wash, Cosmic shimmer, Efoc Ice Glitter, Bookplate.


Zuzu's Blog said...

really lovely.. an absolute treasure for any alice lover..

Lottie said...

Absolotely superb - what a great Christmas present!

I absolutely treasure the box you sent me!

Moira said...

This box rocks!