Sunday, 27 May 2012

Wedding Memory Box For Unruly Paperarts

My First post for the Unruly Blog. The theme this month was wedding, so I have altered this larger sized box to be a wedding memento box to keep all those little bits and pieces in that you accumulate from your special day.
I personally have lots of bits and pieces including all the usual bits, one of the corks from the bottles of champagne, some of the decorations from the cake and some more random ones, some of the confetti thrown at me that one of my little bridesmaids collected and gave to me, and a small collection of six  hand drawn pictures that one of the guests did for me during the reception.
To see more pictures and a small tutorial of how it was done have a look on the Unruly Blog.

Carol x


Brenda Brown said...

This looks fabulous Carol and I so wish I'd had one of these when I got married. I kept little pieces of memorabilia in a cardboard box which got squashed and all the bits more or less got lost. In this they would still be in my possession today. Just popping over to UPA to have a closer look.
hugs {brenda} xox

Lottie said...

This is fantastic - what a great idea - off to look at the blog. I don't have anything from my wedding day - it wasn't nice big one. And yesterday I packed up my outfit for teh charity shop. It was taking up room as we have so little storage space, and Mr Lottie kept saying 'get rid of it' so I am!

Shar said...

Thanks for sharing how you made this gorgeous box! Totally fab!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous box!

trisha too said...

I was looking at this on the Unruly Paper Arts blog, Carol--it's wonderful!!